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All About It

What are Rhea Lana's Consignment Events all about?

Rhea Lana's, Inc. is an upscale childrens consignment event business. We hold semi-annual events in over 24 states, including Madison-Ridgeland, And the Greater Jackson area of MS. Shoppers come from all over to purchase excellent quality children's merchandise at affordable prices.

Our foundation is based on years of fine tuning our business for moms and families. We have been innovative with our computer system and our goal is to have a fun, easy, organized event for our consignors and shoppers.

Our most popular brands are Under Armour, Persnickety, mis-tee-v-us, Gymboree, Gap, Pink Tangerine, Baby Lulu, Baxter and Beatrice, Polo, Baby Nay, Matilda Jane, Cach Cach, and so much more! Our most popular toys are Little Tikes outdoor playgrounds and toys, Cribs, toddler beds, Kitchens, Doll Houses, Tool Benches, Barbie Jeeps, and Brio wooden train sets. We also carry beautiful nursery furniture and bedding, car seats, strollers, high chairs, exer-saucers and walkers.

Thanks to our consignors, some who generously donate their unsold items after each sale, we make a contribution to those in need in our community. We love to give on your behalf in this way.

Tell me again, how does this work?

We receive HIGH QUALITY children's clothing on consignment and sell them at our week-long event. Consignors earn 65% to 80% of the sale price. Consignors decide what they want to charge for each item, although we suggest 25-30% of original cost, depending on the condition. You must consign at least 15 items to consign at our sales event. There is a $10.00 Consignor fee each sale. New Item Limits This Season: 25 Hanging NB - 9MO Items 50 Hanging 12MO - 24MO Items 10 Hanging Maternity Items 15 Hanging Junior Girls Items 10 Home Decor Items No Bedding with Polyfill No Breast Pumps We GUARANTEE all lost items that are labeled in the store. Consignor's checks and reports are available on Pick-Up Day directly after the sale.

Do you carry only childrens clothing?

No. At our events we carry children's furniture, nursery bedding (no polyfill), maternity clothing (limit of 10 per consignor), nursing accessories and infant equipment (such as strollers, high chairs, car seats and portable cribs.) We also carry some pre-teen and teen boutique labels. We carry high quality toys, children's books, video games, riding vehicles, indoor and outdoor large toys and sports accessories. We are excited for this opportunity to continue our efforts to help meet the needs of your family and to stretch your family budget!

Most consignment stores give 40-50%. Why do you give 65-75%?

Our consignors are very special to us! We believe our consignors deserve a fair price for their items. We want each consignor to make the most money possible to benefit their family. We also think our consignors will love selling ALL their seasonal items in ONE WEEK instead of over a period of months, receiving checks here and there as in consignment stores.

You also have the option of VIP Consigning!!!

You might be a busy mom with name brand and boutique brand children's clothing? Our VIP Consignors make 40% and WE do all of the work for you! You must have your clothes clean and on hangers. Please contact us for more information on our VIP Consigning option at 662-588-8178 or email us, we will explain the detail. Spots are limited.

Why do you guarantee each item?

We value our consignors so we track each item with our unique computerized barcode system and database. We seek to treat our customers and consignors as we would want to be treated.

We think more items will be available to moms on a budget if we are careful with the items. Plus, most families are not willing to risk losing items. This way they know they will not suffer a loss. Consignors know that they can TRUST us with their high quality items!

Why is your event better than having my own garage sale or selling my own items on ebay or Facebook?

We do the hard work for you! You prepare your items and bring them to us at the store. We do all of the advertising, staff the event and then pay overhead. At the end of the sale you simply pick up your CHECK along with your detailed inventory report and your neatly-sorted remaining items. We'll even have friendly workers there to help you and answer your questions! You will make lots more money than you would at a garage sale.

Why do you emphasize EXCELLENT or HIGH QUALITY so much?

No one wants to sort through, much less BUY, low quality items for their children. It is a time waster for everyone to put worn, stained, out-of-date items on a rack. That's why we prefer to accept high quality items. This becomes a little subjective as each person has their own idea of high quality. We don't want to be clothes snobs, but we do want to encourage consignors to bring their best name brand clothing in excellent condition. It makes the events more profitable and successful for everyone. Their clothes sell better, faster and they will in turn, find better deals for themselves. Bring the items that you yourself would consider buying.

Why did you put together a web site?

We have had our website online for approximately 18 years. When we developed our unique barcoding system and online data entry system, many moms did not yet have computers in their home. If they did, they were just beginning to learn to use the internet! Moms have learned to love entering their items online and tracking their sales throughout our events! Rhea Lana's gives them control in pricing their items and makes it very easy to make a great profit.

What kind of control does a consignor have over her items?

At Rhea Lana's of Madison Ridgeland, Consignors:
1. select the price of each item.
2. track the sale of each item on this website or on our new Mobile App throughout the event!
3. know that we are taking care of her valuable items.
4. know that at the end of each sale, she has the options to sell any or all of her items at half price.
5. know that there is also the option to donate any or all unsold items to charity.
6. knows that on pick-up day, when she collects her unsold items, she will be reimbursed for any lost items.
7. know that payment is made on the last day of the sale!

Hope This has helped. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Carley Pepper