We are located at 820 Wilson Drive in Ridgeland! Our space is conveniently located close to County Line Road and Ridgewood Road Extension. Turn on Centre Street and we are located across from Homewood Suites.


Would you like to earn a Paycheck as well as a Consignor Check? We will be hiring employees to help us host our event. Stay tuned for more information.

VIP CONSIGNING... WE do the work and YOU make the money!!

That's right! If you have great stuff but are too busy to consign, this is a great option for you this season! We pick up your items, do all of the work, and you get a check and a Consignor Pass to shop early at our private Pre-Sale Event. VIP Consignors make 45%. Spaces are limited and fill up quickly, so schedule today. For more information or to secure a VIP spot, email carley@rhealana.com


THIS EVENT.... WE WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING A MAXIMUM OF 25 NEWBORN (0-9MONTHS)CLOTHING ITEMS PER CONSIGNOR. WE WILL BE ACCEPTING A MAXIMUM OF 10 MATERNITY CLOTHING ITEMS PER CONSIGNOR. WE WILL ACCEPT A MAXIMUM OF 15 HANGING CLOTHING ITEMS IN JUNIOR SIZES. In the past, we have had an abundance of newborn, Junior and maternity clothing items. To insure that our consignors sell a higher percentage of their items, we will enforce these limits. PLEASE BRING YOUR VERY BEST ITEMS IN THESE CATEGORIES.


Our next sale will be Spring 2020. We are looking forward to accepting your Spring/Summer items. Remember we also take Furniture. Toys of all types and sizes, indoor and outdoor. All toys sell quickly. As always, all baby items do well with our special mom-to-be shopping time.

101 Consignor Class

Host a "Rhea Lana's 101 class" with friends that want to learn more about "How to Consign". We'll bring tags and safety pins for sale to help everyone get started. Learn how to use Rhea Lana's new amazing "Voice Entry". Enter your items with your phone in minutes. Plus if you invite 5 new consigning friends (that consign), you could earn 75% instead of 65%. Email carley@rhealana.com to schedule a Consignor 101 Class.


Rhea Lana's has teamed up with We-Make-It-Safer to offer a recall checking tool under the consign tab on this site. Now ensuring that you are reselling items with children's safety in mind, it could not be any easier. Just enter the item into the recall finder to check if it's recalled. If it is, you can contact the manufacturer to remedy if possible before the sale. Please check your Baby Equipment and Toys. We do not accept recalled items (unless there is proof that manufacture remedy has been applied). Checking ahead of time will save you the hassle of bringing items back and forth that can't be resold.


"Because of our high regard for the safety of children and in light of the recent ruling by the CPSC, Rhea Lana's Inc. will no longer be accepting ANY cribs manufactured before December 2010. Cribs manufactured between December 2010 and June 28, 2011, must have a certificate of compliance and not be recalled to be consigned with Rhea Lana's. Any crib manufactured after June 28, 2011, and has not been recalled, can be consigned as long as it meets Rhea Lana's quality standards." ~statement released from Rhea Lana's Inc. (7-12-11)


Rhea Lana's is an industry leader by offering item entry through your smart phone either by hand or using the VOICE RECOGNITION feature. The new item entry page can by accessed by Rhea Lana's consignors through Rhea Lana's mobile site (mobile.rhealana.com) or by tapping the "click for voice entry" button on your phone. We are thrilled with this REVOLUTIONARY feature. We know moms are busy and we appreciate your time and energy.... we hope you love this feature as well!! YOU CAN WATCH A SHORT VIDEO ON HOW TO USE THIS FEATURE ON OUR HOMEPAGE www.madison.rhealana.com

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