We Accept:

FAQs: **We will always accept Birkenstock or Chaco brand sandals. **We will always accept all Matilda Jane and Well Dressed Wolf apparel, regardless of season. **New This Sale: We will accept Elvie and Willow Breast Pumps. **Athletic Tank Tops are okay for Fall/Winter Event. **Shorts and Short Sleeves are okay for this Fall/Winter Event. Please Bring Your Best! We recommend you price your items at 25-30% of Retail Value.

We Don't Accept:

No porcelain items will be accepted. We will also reserve the right to refuse overpriced items. Decor that is not intended for a child's room will not be accepted. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING PLUSH/STUFFED ANIMALS OR VHS TAPES. We do not accept household electronics and household exercise equipment. Bedding Sets, Thick Blankets, Breast Pumps other than Willow or Evie Brand, Pillows, Stuffed Animals, Couches, Dining Room Tables, Large Beds, Stained, Worn, or Out of Date Clothing, Broken Toys, etc will not be accepted.